Redefining Motherhood

Mom's are the strongest people we know. They carry children in their wombs for 9 months, give birth (sometimes without medicine), raise those same children, juggle being a wife and worker (stay-at-home moms included), and still come home to do laundry and make dinner! They are the best jugglers and still keep their sanity. Jeana Francis … Continue reading Redefining Motherhood


Stealing Second

I'm sure if you live in this area, you are no stranger to how big men's softball is. So it comes to no surprise that a couple of weeks ago, a hometown softball team became popular as they started their journey to USSSA World in Orlando. That's right, I'm talking about The Oilers based out of … Continue reading Stealing Second

Breastfeeding Yoga Mom

A few days ago an article was written about a "yoga mom" who took that meaning to a whole new level! Carlee Benear showed off her beautiful yoga poses all while nursing her 5 week old daughter, Maramaylee. That's right, yoga AND breastfeeding! Check out these beautiful images of her Instagram account: While … Continue reading Breastfeeding Yoga Mom