The Mom I Am

I can remember before our son was born, how much of a great mom I was going to be. I protested giving him anything other than water, juice and milk. I would make all of his baby food from natural fruits and veggies. I wasn't going to let him watch TV more than 15 minutes … Continue reading The Mom I Am


Marriage in this Era

When I meet someone new either while I'm working or through church or social events, I always get surprised look that I'm married with a 4 year old child. It's pretty much to be expected at this point because I'm "so young" and if it's someone my age, they always ask how we make it … Continue reading Marriage in this Era

2 Under 2, It Takes A Village by Blakely Giordano

“Twins?” The man graciously holding the elevator for me, two kids in tow, asks. I have a series of answers prepared for this oh-so-common question. “Nearly!” “(Irish) twins.” “Don’t worry, we just got cable.” “That might have been easier!” By the sheer number of questions and comments I get on Instagram about my children’s age … Continue reading 2 Under 2, It Takes A Village by Blakely Giordano