Do & Don’t – Point Blank

Burkeymommy here!
It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, as you can guess life has become stressful; my job took on new projects that has us in a whirlpool of paperwork, I’m fully invested in my church group on the side, our house is a wreck, my parents are coming to stay for the weekend (reminder that my house is a wreck), I’m trying to make family time, we had a bug hit our home last week, tax season is always stressful and baseball makes for planning anything chaotic, oh and social hour is nearly impossible unless you want to come to home, pour a glass of wine, and help me tidy!
I decided to come out of my busy schedule because I have been noticing these past few months that not only are people starting to walk on egg shells around us but pregnancy announcements has people texting to check up on “how I feel about the subject”…
Let me explain for those that aren’t all up to date, we’ve been trying to have a baby since October, granted two months of that has been me on birth control (low dosage) due to my diagnosis of Endometriosis; which by the way I’ve noticed I’m a lot better and feel completely back to good health. I’ve been eating healthier, took sodas out of my diet and I’ve been running again, so I’m hoping all of this contributes to us conceiving sometime soon.
Flash forward to the present, so MANY couples announcing pregnancies and announcing their new bundles of joy! Which has those friends in common racing to text me to see if I saw it or wait until I bring up “OH did you see so and so are expecting!” and then the sentence I know is coming “how are you dealing with that? are y’all pregnant yet? still trying?”… Which I can completely understand, I went through a tough time but we all come out eventually and I am no different. I appreciate everyone who prayed for me or is continuing to because it has helped tremendously! But those couples announcing their gifts from God deserve to have all eyes on them at this very joyous and exciting time in their lives, we shouldn’t take away from that and make them feel bad because they have zero reason to feel that way.
What I’m trying to say is while I appreciate those who check up on us, we are fine, healthy and extremely happy with where we are at in life. I do get sad when my “monthly visitor” comes to see me but I pick my head up and remember that it is ALL in God’s timing. I believe in that wholeheartedly, but with that comes patience, in which I am very inpatient, so I need to learn to just be in the present and enjoy the time we have with our sweet BB man. Taking away the excitement of those sweet couples is something I am not okay with because we go to experience that with BB man and I am so grateful for that. So for those who just had a baby or just told social media and their friends/family about expecting, CONGRATULATIONS, cherish these sweet moments and remember every detail because it goes by so quickly and you can’t get these moments back!
So do continue to pray for us, don’t bring up our struggles after someone’s precious moment. Do ask how we are, don’t ask if we’re still trying. Don’t walk on eggshells around us, we are strong and past what has happened in the last year!
We are so excited for our future and we know God’s plan has such bright things to look forward to. For now we will live in the present and love on our sweet boy, who is soaking up still being an only child. We are loving getting back into the groove of seeing our friends/family more often again and we are so very content on where we are at the moment.
Thank you all for your understanding and I can’t wait to see baby pictures on social media and to meet the bundles of joy in person! My heart is so full knowing how many babies will surround me (aside from the nursery at church)! Since God is filling our hearts with babies, let’s remember to bring love and peace into their hearts, there are too many sad stories in the news that just brings me to tears, love your precious gifts because God gave them to us for a reason!



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