You’re My Bestfriend

Marriage is probably one of the most amazing, stressful, eye-opening and sometimes gross, thing in life.
I say stressful because half the time, I think I’m going to pull my hair out from trying to keep this mans head on his shoulders. The amount of “babe where’s this”, “babe where’s that”, “babe I need this”, etc is beyond ridiculous and half the time I know what he’s about to ask so I yell out where the thing he’s looking for is before he finishes that sentence. He leaves his clothes wherever he takes them off, even if the laundry basket is literally right beside where he dumped them. He leaves his shoes in the middle of a walkway and half the time, I’ll trip over them (or a toy left on the floor). Not to mention the amount of “toys” he wants is adding up on our list, you know those “work on toys” that men just have to have that’ll never get finished, like a truck, car, or atv… that in its own is stressful because I know when he’s about to ask “so how to you feel about me getting this.. or that..”.. the answer is always the same “sure babe, whatever you want”.
I say eye-opening because this man keeps my eyes open daily. Since becoming his wife, I’ve realized I’m the the most stubborn and hard-headed person he’s ever known. I realized I have faults but he loves me daily for those faults and never once lets me dwell on those things. He lifts my head up when I don’t even see it’s down, and every single day I know how unperfect I am, but he makes me see the perfection in those unperfections.
I say gross because when I imagined marriage, I only saw what’s on TV and not the “behind the scenes”. We are constantly on the go and when we get to a “slow down” mode, I start looking around the house and immediately start getting embarrassed. Our bathroom is gross, there’s clothes on the floor, our sinks have toothpaste residue, our bathtub needs some scrubbing and our sweet boy has missed the toilet somehow. Our room looks like we hoard clothes, our kitchen has dishes in the sink and our dining room table needs to be cleaned off. Our floors need to be swept and vacuumed, my car looks like we are on the go constantly, and our lawn needs mowing. Then you get to the part where my husband needs to shave his beard and “forgets” to clean the sink, my hair decides sometimes that it’s going to shed 5,000 pieces of hair, and our dog is in need of a good bath and brushing. Those are the gross parts of marriage that no one speaks about and that nice “family” class you took in high school doesn’t prepare you for.
But beyond all of that are the amazing parts of marriage that everyone may see but most haven’t felt. Every day, regardless if it’s stressful or great, I get to come home to the love of my life, I get to walk into the door with a kiss and a “how was your day babe”. We have dinner, some family time, bath time and then it’s time for bed, that’s where my favorite part of the day comes in, where we get to watch our favorite shows and I immediately lay my head on his shoulders. It’s amazing because I have this other person, my soul mate, who loves me unconditionally, for who I am, even when I feel so undeserving of that love. When we fight or argue, as much as I want to be stubborn and not be the first to apologize, we end up always apologizing a minute later. We never go to bed angry and always with a kiss goodnight and an “I love you babe”. To think God made someone for me, is beyond what I can fathom, but oh how much I thank Him for bringing my sweet man to that small local college 6 years ago.

I don’t take the time to truly see how amazing it is to have a husband, especially one so caring and selfless as mine. He NEVER complains about helping out, waking up at 1 in the morning when our sweet boy is sick and does things around the house without me having to ask or beg. He remembers to tell me daily how much he loves me and how perfect I am for him. He takes time out of his schedule to go play with our son and helps coach his baseball teams. He goes to work every single day, even if he’s been up 3-4 times the night before, and doesn’t complain about how tired he is. He keeps up with working out 4-5 times a week, even with our busy schedule and I love watching him. Who knew someone could look so handsome and sexy picking up puke or zombie walking back to bed after check up on our son. We fell in love when we were 18 and that in its own is such a blessing. Even when I feel like I’m a nightmare to be around and I “pick arguments”, he has never once threatened to leave and calmly let’s me know that I’m being over dramatic. I definitely needed a man like him, to tell me I’m being crazy in the nicest way possible without actually calling me it.He is truly my best friend in this life and I can’t wait to see what our future and life holds, because I am so excited for the adventures it will take us on.



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