Cleaner of MY Dreams

The Super Bowl is always a crowd favorite, especially in my house hold, and while normally I love watching the game, the commercials are where its at! I literally can’t go to the restroom because I don’t want to miss anything, the game nor the commercials. So yesterday during Super Bowl 51, I wasn’t all too impressed with them this year.. that was until the Mr. Clean commercial came on and boy was a I grinning from ear to ear! That is literally a mom’s fantasy, just ask ANY and they will say “watching my husband clean is beyond sexy!” If you missed it, here it is:

Let me explain this to you, I normally do the cleaning, why? Well because I’m a control freak, I like things done a certain way and while my husband is amazing, half the time he has no idea where to even begin on cleaning the house. HOWEVER, there are those days where I am just exhausted or trying to get BB man to settle down and I’ll walk in on him doing dishes, sweep/moping, sorting laundry, making our bed or even helping clean our sons room.. Yes, I am mesmerized by each and every move he makes doing these things because in those moments, I literally sit back and enjoy it. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a man doing some of the cleaning that I normally do. Also in those moments, I just want to give him a million kisses and let him know I much I appreciate it and LOVE it so this commercial literally spoke volumes to me. I wanted to get up from that couch, hand my husband a mop and cleaning supplies and just watch his beautiful self do some cleaning!! Every mother’s fantasy, hands down. So men, be like Mr. Clean! We love it, we promise!

Here is another Mr. Clean commercial because cleaning is in every mom’s mind and these just had me wanting to go buy some magic erasers!



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