2016 has come and gone, for us it was bittersweet saying goodbye to a year that has tested us not only in our marriage but in our faith. Our son turned 3 in February, then in May we lost our home to the flooding, then the rain didn’t seem to end and it ended up flooding one more time, for 3 weeks we sifted through what was left and ended up having to leave more then we thought. Matt stayed optimistic through it all, I tried and then on my last day there, I opened a box in our “storage” area and realized that it was all pictures of me from high school to BB man’s newborn and first/second year pictures. I can still remember the amount of sadness that took over me in that moment… I cried as I turned in my keys and cried all the way home. It didn’t last long because the next week, we got keys to our very first house, our new home that ended up being a blessing in disguise. The amount of excitement was too much to keep in and we felt blessed beyond measure! For weeks BB man would say “I got a new house!” and I couldn’t wait to decorate and make it “our” way. As we broke in our new house with love and laughter, we’d soon add sadness. In September we experienced our first miscarriage and that was difficult, it tested us; our faith was shaken and our marriage became the only thing I could grasp. I leaned my sadness on my sweet husband and he never once complained, he never once wasn’t strong, he kept us above water. The Holiday’s came and went in the blink of an eye, and here we are in a New Year, speechless.

2016 has come and gone, and we couldn’t be happier, we couldn’t be more thrilled but I look back at all that was thrown at us… we’re still here, we’re all breathing, and we are still blessed beyond measure. I take 2016 as a lesson, to lean more on my husband and put my worries and fears in the Lord’s hands. I’ve learned to let family in and know that I need them more than I could have ever thought. The amount of support this past year has been… nothing short of amazing and breath taking.

2017 is here in full force. With a new year comes new resolutions, new goals, and 365 empty pages. My New Years resolution(s)? I am going to love my sweet family more, be thankful for what I do have in my life, and continue to look up. I’m going to continue to work on keeping my faith strong and keeping God above all else. I’m going to run more; I decided against doing the whole “lose this much weight” task because that almost never seems to work, so I will just leave it at, run more. And let’s be real, being a mom, it’s almost impossible to completely watch what I eat when Matt doesn’t really eat veggies and BB man follows in whatever his dad has at the dinner table. We are going to continue to love on BB man and spend more time with him and less time worrying about “to do lists” on the weekends; he’s only young once. This year BB man will turn 4 and where the time has gone is beyond me, but he’s getting older and I don’t want to blink and miss it. This past year we were so caught up in everything that was thrown at us that I feel like we literally missed him being 3. So yesterday being the second day of January, I spent the entire day just being with him, watching him enjoy his new playground set and gator, and I just took it all in.


So here’s to 2017, it’s going to be our best year yet; I can just feel it in my soul. I hope and pray everyone has a great year and that it brings many blessings your way! Goodbye 2016, you will not be missed!



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