The High of Motherhood.

My entire life, all I’ve wanted to be is a mom. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say a mommy and a doctor! (I don’t like school enough to be a doctor!)  I always carried my baby Sarah around with me, she had her own car seat, bottles and diapers! My mom even bought her clothes even though she stayed naked most of the time! As I got older, my mom would go with me to babysit until I was old enough to stay with kids on my own!

So when I found out I was pregnant at 19, I was nervous, scared.. but most of all I was excited (crazy right?) yes, I was young, unprepared in all aspects except for the love I already had for this tiny little bean in my belly. We weren’t married, didn’t have our own place, but we loved each other and we loved our tiny little bean. After we found out it was a boy we were both overjoyed! It continued to get more and more “real” that we were having a baby the bigger my belly grew and the more I could feel our little guy move. We finally met him on September 29, 2015 and it was truly the most amazing day of our lives. When I laid eyes on my sweet, tiny, perfect little baby I just couldn’t help but be paralyzed from pure love. We came home, got settled and loved our baby! I remember saying to my mom when he was a few weeks old, “does this feeling never go away? I still feel like I’m on cloud 9! I couldn’t be any happier!” The answer of course is no! Being a mom is pure happiness, fun, love and excitement!

Now, don’t get me wrong.. there are times when he is throwing himself on the ground screaming because I took a pencil away from him, getting everything from under the bathroom cabinet and throwing it into the bathtub.. and I completely want to pull my hair out. There are times when he won’t let me get anything done because he makes messes faster than I can clean them up. There are times when he won’t let me put him down, times when he’s wanted to nurse all day long, LITERALLY! But, there are also times when he stops what he’s doing to come give me a kiss and hug and that moment makes up for all of his monster shenanigans.

Being a mom is the most amazing thing I’ve ever been. It’s all I’ve ever wanted and expected! I think to myself every single day, how did I get so lucky? I am so blessed to live this crazy, messy, beautiful life with my perfect son and amazing boyfriend. We may not have it all right, baby out of wedlock, young parents.. but honestly, none of that matters. All a baby needs is love. And that’s exactly what he will always have from us. Two parents who love each other, and love him more than anything in this world! The high of being a mom never goes away, it never fades or becomes dull, it simply grows. Every single day it becomes more fun and more love grows!


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