Newest Author of Burkeymommy!

My name is Bailee Gandy. I was born and raised in Denton, TX. I still live here and I can’t imagine leaving! I went to school here, met my boyfriend here and started my family here! My boyfriend and I met in high school (2011); we were both 16. I went to every single one of his baseball games, he came with me to ride horses, we were inseparable. We had classes together, graduated together and then, we broke up. It didn’t take us very long to realize we couldn’t be without each other. We both started working and I was also going to college. I only went for one semester because I got a great full time job working as a medical assistant. We were still inseparable. (Still are to this day)

Fast forward to 2014, my endometriosis pain got unbearable. I met with my doctor and she decided to do surgery. So October of 2014 I had the surgery. My mom was away for work, so he took care of me until I could get up and down by myself. January of 2015 I hadn’t gotten my period, I took a test and it was negative. So I figured I was just a little late no big deal. A few days pass and I still hadn’t gotten it. So I took another test right when I woke up for work, and it was positive. My stomach dropped. Not because I was upset, just shocked. I was 19. I told my boyfriend and he was surprised also but we were excited. I had the best pregnancy, labor and delivery. We had a healthy baby boy, Ryder Lee. He is the absolute light of our lives! I am fortunate enough to stay home with him and also my niece! We have fun going to the park, shopping and going on wagon rides! I am so blessed to live this life and have a healthy baby after battling with endometriosis my entire life! 


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