November 2016 Thoughts

Well, 2016 is nearing the end, as tomorrow will be December 1st. I’m not sure what it is about today but as I woke our son up to get ready for the day and he just sat there and said, “again mom?”. I giggled and couldn’t believe how much he’s grown, how fast this year has flown by, in a little over two months our sweet boy will be FOUR. So while I sit here and reminisce about exactly 4 years ago, I was getting bigger by the day it seemed, he’s growing at just that same rate.

His imagination is what truly blows us away, like we just can’t believe that he’s so young but dreams up the most hilarious things! A month or two ago, he had a cut on his ear, when his sitter (Wowo) asked him how he got that, his response was “My daddy took me to the ocean and threw me into the water and a shark bit me!”… I mean, WHAT!? (Note: his father did in fact NOT do that) Well as these past few months have gone on, we’ve heard anything from he’s wrestled alligators, to he had to kill a snake in the backyard, to he’s still scared of that “dang shark!”. I mean, sure this is just a boy thing to do, because it only pertains to reptiles and ocean creatures, he has yet to go outside those limits. Recently, we’ve started asking him about how he would feel having a baby around and he always responds with ” I want a sister AND a brother!” The amount of love he gives to babies is beyond ridiculously cute, he truly is so gentle with them and kisses them on the forehead, just such great big brother skills! However, every now and then he’ll tell me “momma, I think I like it just me, I’m your baby!” and that just melts my heart!

These past 4 years have been so fun, difficult and sometimes hard, but such a blast. This year has been the best, turning 3 we left behind the “terrible two’s” and he’s becoming his own person. He enjoys coloring, playing outside, and his best friend “Keystone” (his dog). His interests are anything that lives in the ocean and reptiles, I am hoping we (BB man and his father) don’t decide to want a snake for a pet, but it’s heading in that direction. He is in LOVE with baseball, and he just can’t wait for the Spring season. But I am so glad that him and his dad have that in common, I so enjoy hearing BB man ask his dad to play catch outside, although it always ends in him being frustrated because he can’t “just get the ball in his glove all the time!” (his words exactly). He wants to be a police man when he gets older or a professional baseball player, his hero is his daddy, and he never ceases to amaze me on knowing exactly what to pray for (church is his favorite place). He hates moths, loud noises, large crowds, being told “no”, and the dark. He gets super frustrated when he can’t do something on his own, and we are currently working on that. He still is a little speech delayed but is almost over that hump! If you don’t know, he had 9 ear infections from 8 months to a year and a half (he had 3 before his was 6 months old), and finally had tubes put in, however, it caused him to not hear well at all so he didn’t get the full learning experience with speech because he couldn’t hear. So his pronunciation is a little off but he’s getting there and works hard on it! I can’t even begin to tell you guys how awesome it is to watch your own child grow up and become this different person then what you and your spouse are. BB man takes after his dad in that aspect however. Now that we are wanting another child, it terrifies me because I don’t know how I can ever love another child the way I love BB man, and will I even have it in me to? I sure hope so because having another BB man would be so amazing, but I’m reassuring myself that not all siblings are the same, they are each their own person!

While he’s getting older, I’m starting to remind myself more and more to just enjoy him being this age, it doesn’t last long and it goes by quicker than I could ever imagine. But his sweet and gentle soul is blows me completely away. He is our whole world and while people may have some opinions on how we raise him, he will never know what’s like to not have parents who don’t care. We will support him through every decision, every struggle we will help him get through, every obstacle life throws we will be there to guide him over those humps, we will be there every step of the way. If we aren’t and the good Lord decides to take us early, we know that he will have an amazing support system who will step in and do all of those things that we would have done. I hate speaking like that but I know so many who don’t have that backbone that we do. Because luckily, we had families who did the exact to us.


Well, thank you all for listening to me put this all into perspective, although it’s more for me! I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!



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