Breastfeeding Yoga Mom

A few days ago an article was written about a “yoga mom” who took that meaning to a whole new level!

Carlee Benear showed off her beautiful yoga poses all while nursing her 5 week old daughter, Maramaylee. That’s right, yoga AND breastfeeding! Check out these beautiful images of her Instagram account:



While they are beautiful while she’s breastfeeding, she shocked me even more by doing these all while PREGNANT! Her husband, Andy, is a Camp Gladiator coach, so to say they live a healthy lifestyle is pretty accurate & it comes to no surprise at how amazing she is at yoga and maintaining that health even after the birth of their daughter. What brought me to post about her wasn’t actually regarding her amazing yoga poses because she already has a ton of other editors creating articles on her. With her new found “stardom”, came those who have criticized her. That’s right, this beautiful momma of 3 had some haters…

Just check out what a few of them had to say:

But like I always say, for every ONE hater, you will have a HUNDRED positive people on your side. These momma’s, along with thousands more, came to her aid:

So let me get to my point, we are ALL human beings who aren’t perfect by any means. We all have our own thoughts and opinions but shouldn’t we try to be positive and uplift a new momma instead of belittling and bringing her down? Here she is using what God has given her to feed and nourish her child but what if she wasn’t? She would probably be getting the exact same reaction from others. Kind of, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. The thing is, no matter what you do, someone is going to “hate” you for it, how you react to it will let everyone know how you truly are. React negatively, you will be seen negative; but react positively, you will be looked at in a positive manner. We are all amazing in our own way, regardless of background, race, gender, religion… YOU are amazing.

Her comment to the haters? “It’s no worry to me. The positivity, the inspiration ignited and the awareness spread is all that matters to me.” How awesome is this woman!? Pretty awesome to me! She has inspired and sparked so many minds to start doing yoga, including myself!  If you can’t believe it, go check out her Instagram account; it’ll leave you speechless in such an amazing way.

Here are some recent images of Carlee and her beautiful children:



Remember to love one another and spread love & God’s amazing word, not negative comments. & to Carlee, keep on doing your thing, you are doing such an amazing job! Continue to inspire us!

Until next time,






One thought on “Breastfeeding Yoga Mom

  1. All the so called haters are just jealous. I am pretty sure none of the haters look like this beautiful Lady. Eye contact is important and I’m sure this baby gets all the love she needs. You should not judge someone so quick just because you think sitting on the couch as you watch tv, feeding your face or playing on your phone is better than yoga while breast feeding. Iam sure you dont sit and stare at your child evwry single time you feed. Women should be supporting each other instead of being jealous of something as beautiful as this.


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